2011 alaska business report card

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Alaska Electric & Energy Cooperative (AEEC)

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Division of Forestry

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If you need assistance or have questions about GRADS°, please contact or [email protected] • billion pounds of fish and shellfish worth over $ billion were harvested in Alaska waters inputting Alaska in first place for value of landings. • Bristol Bay’s sockeye salmon harvest of million fish was the 11th largest since O ver the past two years, state legislators across the country have launched an unprecedented series of initiatives aimed at lowering labor standards, weakening unions, and eroding workplace protections for both union and non-union workers.

This policy agenda undercuts the ability of low- and middle-wage workers, both union and non-union, to earn a decent wage. 50 State Report Card 50 State Report Card Grade 50 State Report Card: Tracking Eminent Domain Reform Legislation since Kelo Read: Alabama Chapter Read: Entire Report Coming Abuses Bills Senate Bill 68 Sponsored by: State Senator Jack Biddle.

Status: Signed into law on August 3,

2011 alaska business report card
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Division of Forestry