Baton rouge business report constitutional amendments voting

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American Racial History Timeline, 1900-1960

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Get Election Information State candidates qualify in the executive offices of Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin at Archives Ave.

Proposed Amendment #2

in Baton Rouge between the hours of 8 a.m. and p.m. Qualifying fees must be paid in the form of cash; Propositions and Constitutional Amendments. BATON ROUGE - The November 4th election is now less than a week away and there is plenty on the ballot, including 14 constitutional amendments.

Robert Travis Scott with the Public Affairs Research. The Council for a Better Louisiana and Public Affairs research updated the community on what is going on in Baton Rouge. Items on the agenda included the session itself, where the budget stands on higher education, healthcare and what would happen if indeed, Louisiana called a constitutional convention.

A guide to the constitutional amendments on Louisiana’s fall ballot (courtesy of PAR)

Constitutional Amendments; All PAR. Publisher: Voting on constitutional amendments. Rolfe McCollister. Amendment 2.

Publisher: Voting on constitutional amendments

Tuition and fee autonomy to college management boards. Four schools in Baton Rouge were honored as Blue. Race riot in New Orleans is sparked by a shoot-out between the police and a negro laborer.

Twenty thousand people are drawn into the riot that lasted four days.

Baton rouge business report constitutional amendments voting
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