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Africa Business Report

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DR Congo troops 'flee into Uganda' after rebel clashes

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Africa highlights: SIM card sales frozen in Uganda

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Ugandan found spokesman Capt Peter Mugisa says the French soldiers are in the information of the Ugandan military. Jun 16,  · 17th Rwanda National Police Anniversary celebrations | Kigali, 16 June A recent UN report has accused Rwanda of backing the rebels - Gen Ntaganda is an ethnic Tutsi, like the majority of Rwanda's leadership.

RNP most reliable police force in Africa – WEF report

But Rwanda has vehemently denied the accusations. According to the World Economic Forum, Rwanda is one of the most competitive countries in Africa thanks to an efficient labour market and political stability. [email protected] Tags: Rwanda National Police RNP Africa.

Africa this week: Toothbrush removed from Kenyan man's stomach

A look at business across the continent. We talk to the people and businesses who are changing the economic face of Africa.

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Africa this week: Toothbrush removed from Kenyan man's stomach

BBC's Africa Business Report looks at the cost of the ban: Video content Video caption: Counting the cost of South Africa's listeriosis outbreak Counting the cost of South Africa's listeriosis.

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Bbc africa business report rwanda national police
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