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Daily Business Report-July 13, 2018

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Daily Business Report-May 4, 2018

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56+ Daily Report Templates – PDF, DOC, Excel

“We carried out 87, operations against PKK this year. We have neutralized 1, terrorists in these operations,” Süleyman Soylu told the parliament. We have neutralized 1, terrorists in these operations,” Süleyman Soylu told the parliament.

Turkish forces kill 23 PKK militants in northern Iraq October 31; View the report for this country to stay informed on possible security risks. View Country Report. security services or our traveler tracking solutions can support and enhance your daily business operations.

The Express Tribune provides Latest, Breaking News Updates from Pakistan & all over the world about Business, Life Style, Opinion, Sports and Entertainment. A recent report released this week by the International Center for Terrorism and Security Studies (UTGAM) on the PKK terrorist organization and its.

At least foreign fighters, who had fought in lines of the PKK terrorist organization and its affiliates in Syria, have returned back to Germany, a report published by the German media has claimed.

Syrian War Report: Turkish-PKK Conflict Escalates Amid Fresh PKK Attacks (Video)

In another incident documented in the report, PKK sympathizers, who were holding a demonstration to show support for the group, attacked a Turkish man and his wife in London on Feb. 5. The strategic importance of Afrin for Turkey is underlined in the report as it shares a kilometer-long border.

Daily business report pkk
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PKK followers target European Turks more frequently, report says - Daily Sabah