Line of business reporting

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Triple bottom line

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Triple bottom line

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Use this summary of the full report to get a quick view of the business, and locate areas to investigate more closely. Key Glossary Terms used in this section are: Branch is a secondary location of a business.

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have a reporting line to sb/sth › to be managed directly by a person or group of people: The post has a direct reporting line to senior management. reporting line definition: 1. used to refer to the way that employees have a manager, that manager is the responsibility of another manager, etc.: 2.

to be managed directly by. reporting line meaning: 1.

Standard Business Reporting

used to refer to the way that employees have a manager, that manager is the responsibility of another manager, etc.: 2.

to be managed directly by. This is a hands-on walkthrough, from gathering information to creating a report to the presentation sections. It helps you to get accustomed to the software and gives an in-depth understanding of how to easily unleash the powerful functionality of the software.

Line of business reporting
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