Polaris organzation report

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Polaris Organzation Report

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Investor Relations

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Polaris Project

Named after the North Star "Polaris" that guided slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad, Polaris Project is transforming the way that individuals and communities respond to human trafficking, in the U.S. and globally.4/4. If you have questions about the Code, your supervisor or Human Resources representative are generally the best people to ask Should you observe violations of the Code, we expect you to report those immediately using internal reporting, on-line reporting or the Polaris Business Ethics Hotline.

You may remain anonymous. Chennai for the period of one month from 08th August to 07th September in fulfillment for the award of Bachelor Degree Commerce (Corporate Secretaryship) of University of Madras.

Polaris is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that works to combat and prevent modern-day slavery and human trafficking. For the past 10 years, Polaris has run the National Human Trafficking Hotline, working on some 40, cases of trafficking.

Watch and Share Noy Thrupkaew's TED Talk. Noy Thrupkaew is a global journalist that reports on human trafficking. Watch her TED talk that shares another perspective on the underlying issues that enable human trafficking. Human trafficking is the business of stealing freedom for profit.

In some cases, traffickers trick, defraud or physically force victims into providing commercial sex. In others, victims are lied to, assaulted, threatened or manipulated into working under inhumane, illegal or otherwise unacceptable conditions.

Polaris organzation report
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